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HBM Wall Units I

Dream it, we get it for you. This is one of our “Shelf Units”. Metal as Lifestyle…



How Does the Order Process Work at HBM Metal Art?

We are honored that your path somehow crosses with HBM Metal Art The steps you need to follow before ordering and production are as follows.

1- Every project, drawing, and technical detail is very important to us. We know it is the same for you. Therefore, we are ready to sign the NDA without sharing any details yet. Please share your NDA with us and let’s start the conversation for the rest of the process.

2- When you shared your project with us, Our project managers will review the project details as soon as possible and will contact you to finalize the quantity and details. Then the cost study will start and the cost, production time, and volume information suitable for your project will be sent to you as soon as possible.

3- When we agree on all conditions, prototype production will start and the prototype will be delivered to you. You will then be asked to test the prototype’s quality and suitability, and then your approval for mass production will be requested.

4- After your prototype approval, necessary raw materials will be collected and mass production will begin. During the production process, production and work follow-up will be shared with you at certain intervals via e-mail.

5- You will be notified that the production is complete and we are ready for loading.

6- Technical, Customs and logistics transactions will continue to be followed until they reach the end-user and you will be accessible for your questions.

7- At the end of the project, a questionnaire will be sent to you for your evaluation and the operation and service quality will be improved with the help of feedback.

We look forward to experiencing more!


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