HBM Metal Art is a design and supply company established in 2022. HBM Metal Art, which has adopted the new generation supply chain management principles, attaches importance to service quality as well as quality and fast production in line with Industry 4.0 principles. It has proven its service quality by planning and following the process from sending the purchase form of the order to reaching the end-user. The company, which provides services in the field of special production metal furniture and design, works with a team with a high level of education and experience in the field.


Businesses always start with a dream, HBM Metal Art’s dream is to provide a premium service to its customers around the world by adopting the principles of a new generation supply chain. In order to achieve this goal, a team of experts and constantly accessible has been established to define the new normal. Customer demands and needs are certainly not the same as 10 years ago, but many companies are still trying to continue with traditional business models. A trained and young team aimed at realizing the new generation supply chain will ease your workload and facilitate your ordering process. Are you ready for this?


We have 2 important fields of activity for you to cooperate with HBM Metal Art. First of all, you can contact us for your specially designed projects. Our design team will review your project, share the production details with you and plan the production for you. Your store decorations, Home furniture, Hotel design projects, etc. You can contact us for your projects used in many fields. Our second field of activity is outdoor/garden furniture prepared by our design team. You can check our website and social media accounts for our special collection, which has been specially produced and has passed all tests and controls. Don’t forget to follow us!